Windview operates Sport Field Specific Toro 4500D 9ft wide striping mowers to offer the best possible cut.

Field Construction / Conversion / Transition
We perform bermudagrass transitions, little league conversions, full field renovation and construction.

Soil Testing
All samples are sent to local labs to determine nutrient requirements.

By following a sustainable program, we feed plants as needed with properly calibrated equipment.  Organic and synthetic products are used to provide nutrients to the turfgrass plants throughout the year.

Core Aerification
Aerification relieves compaction, improves oxygen exchange, reduces thatch, increases infiltration and creates channels for root growth with industry leading John Deere Aercore 2000 aerators. Perfect for fairways and sports fields!

This is the vertical cutting into the turf canopy that severs stolons of bermudagrass plants to stimulate growth in late spring and reduce thatch.  This process is often performed in the fall on cool season turf.

Deep-Tine Aerification
Solid and coring tines to relieve subsurface compaction to open up the root zone and increase infiltration with the industry leading Soil Reliever line of equipment.

Debris Management
This includes the removal of cores, thatch, clippings, leaves and other debris from fields and fairways to create a clean surface immediately following aerification services or vertical mowing.

Slit Seeding
Over seeding ryegrass, bluegrass, tall fescue and bermudagrass at the properly calibrated rate on 2” spacing.

We operate John Deere 200 gallon sprayers to perform all necessary applications.

We spread sand, compost, topsoil and crumb rubber with the Dakota line of topdressers.

Infield Preparation
We perform grooming, edging, weed control, pre and post-game maintenance, mound and home plate renovation.

Artificial Turf Maintenance
We offer light and heavy brushing with magnets and cleaning to stand up fibers and eliminate debris.

Growth Covers
Recovery of high wear areas by keeping soil warm over the winter months to re-establish seed or sod growth.